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2013 | B-Side
Jennifer as April
Status: Screenings
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During a late-night broadcast an indie rock DJ makes a mean-spirited remark about a second-tier pop star, accidentally sparking an unlikely relationship when she happens to be listening to the show. With his career in jeopardy and her dispassion with her work, their romance is quickly challenged and an idyllic New York romance is put to the test as the two struggle to be in each other's life.
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (2011)
Role: Mary Jane
Status: On the cast recording

next to normal (2009)
Role: Natalie
Status: On the cast recording

Spring Awakening (2006)
Role: Ensemble
Status: On the cast recording
Venice (2013)
Role: Willow
Dates: May 28 - June 23
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New Photoshoot

I’ve added two HQ photoshoot photos to the gallery!


jdo_017_001.jpg jdo_017_002.jpg

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Posted on Jun 26th, 2014
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Jenn to perform in ‘A Taylor Swift Love Story’ on July 22

There is no contemporary songwriter more prolific in articulating the highs and lows of young love than Taylor Swift. Her songs — some familiar to all, some lesser-known — span one universal emotional territory.

Using selections from all four of Swift’s studio albums alongside intermittent spoken-word poetry and narration, the concert will construct a singular, chronological story and follow a journey of young love from beginning to end. Featuring a cast of Broadway performers, the narrative throughline will be told via specific perspectives by some of the theatre community’s most adept young storytellers.

Conceived and directed by Kimberly Belflower (Lost Girl, An Emily Dickinson Christmas, Chronic Fatigue; MFA playwriting candidate at UT Austin ’17)

Featuring performances from:
Blake Daniel
Preston Sadleir
Andrew Durand
Jenn Damiano
Barrett Wilbert Weed
Lilli Cooper

and more


Posted on Jun 15th, 2014
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Jennifer joins ‘Bright Lights, Big City in Concert’

A concert version of Bright Lights, Big City — the musical based on the Jay McInerney novel of the same name — will be presented at 54 Below June 16 at 7 PM and 9:30 PM.

Michael Greif, who directed the original Off-Broadway production, will also direct Bright Lights, Big City in Concert.

Joining the previously announced Colin Donnell, Matt Doyle, original cast member AnnMarie Milazzo, Ben Crawford, Keala Settle, MacKenzie Mauzy and Tony winner Alice Ripley are Jennifer Damiano and Nicolette Robinson.

The concert will also feature an ensemble of six young performers, many of whom are making their 54 Below debuts: Michelle Cameron, Adrienne Eller, Zachary Infante, Dimitri Joseph Moïse, Lizzy Perkins and Tim Sampson.

Musical director Matt Hinkley will lead a band that includes Mike Pettry (keyboard), Craig Magnano (guitar), Steve Gilewski (bass) and Jay Mack (drums).

Paul Scott Goodman’s rock musical, according to press notes, “follows a week in the life of Jamie, a successful young writer who loses himself in the chaos of 1980s New York City.” This will be the first NYC performance of Bright Lights, Big City, which premiered at New York Theater Workshop in 1999, since 2002.

Katie Riegel produces.

There is a $40-$50 cover charge and a $25 food and beverage minimum. Click here for reservations.


Posted on May 31st, 2014
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B-Side Flyway Film Festival Screenings

B-Side will be screening at Wisconsin’s Flyway Film Festival on October 20 at 4pm! Tickets are $9.43 and available here.

Posted on Oct 14th, 2013
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B-Side to screen at the Orlando Film Festival

B-Side will be playing on October 18th and 19th at the Orlando Film Festival! Tickets are available here.

Posted on Aug 29th, 2013
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HQ Photoshoot Update

I’ve added 3 HQ photos from a photoshoot Jennifer did with her Spider-man costar Reeve Carney back in 2011.


jdo_006HQ_001.jpg jdo_006HQ_002.jpg jdo_006HQ_003.jpg

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Posted on Aug 16th, 2013
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B-Side Gallery Updates

I’ve added over 200 HD screencaptures from the B-Side trailer to the gallery, as well as two missing stills.


jdo_BSideTrailer_016.jpg jdo_BSideTrailer_111.jpg jdo_bsidestills_004.jpg jdo_bsidestills_005.jpg

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Posted on Jun 19th, 2013
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NY Daily News Review of Venice

Best of all is Damiano, known for “Next to Normal” and “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” She’s got a beautiful presence and voice to match. Whenever she sings, which is often, “Venice,” a title that conjures a sinking city, gets a welcome lift.

Read the full review

Posted on Jun 19th, 2013
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Review: ‘Venice’ at the Public Theater is a pulsating hip-hop musical adventure

The rafters are shaking downtown at the Public Theater, where the dynamic new hip-hop musical, “Venice,” is rocking the Anspacher Theater. It’s a potent, dystopian mashup of rap music, Shakespeare’s “Othello,” sibling rivalry and political intrigue. And there’s a sweet love story, too.

Intricate vocal harmonies infuse the pulsating anthems and ballads performed by a youthful, energetic cast, and the staging is acrobatic and effective, in the irresistible Public Lab production that opened Thursday night. Director Eric Rosen co-created the book and co-wrote the lyrics with Matt Sax, who wrote the music.

The complex, often-operatic score, which includes additional music by Curtis Moore, delineates character and creates a moody atmosphere while compellingly advancing the story. Chase Brock’s versatile choreography creates a feverish sense of foot-stomping rebellion, as well as somber, elegiac moments.

Haaz Sleiman and Leslie Odom Jr. play half-brothers on opposite sides of a feud that has divided the citizens of a once-peaceful city. Sleiman is charismatic and regal as Venice, the leader of the freedom movement, while Odom gives a sly appeal to Markos, his jealous, Machiavellian brother who heads the military occupiers.

Jennifer Damiano exudes angelic goodness and sings beautifully as Willow, the symbol of unity that could reunite the divided city. As Venice’s childhood sweetheart, Willow has several ardent duets with Sleiman, including the lovely, “Waited All These Years.” Damiano’s voice soars on “If Only,” a song of regret over the death of a dear friend.

Sax affectingly plays an emcee called Clown, who narrates the turbulent story, often rapping while the walls of the Anspacher fill up with typed projections of his dialogue. Powerful bureaucrat Theo Westbrook (given heart by Jonathan-David) surprisingly sings one of the show’s sweeter refrains, “I wanna love and be loved,” even in the midst of the uprising.

The rest of the cast is terrific, with Claybourne Elder providing gravitas as Willow’s and Venice’s staunch ally, Michael. Uzo Aduba makes a powerful impression as Anna, the mournful ghost of Venice and Markos’ mother. Victoria Platt expressively portrays Markos’ duped wife Emilia, and a sexily feral Angela Polk stands out in a sizzling, cat-suited number called “Hailey Daisy.”

The fine performances, kinetic imagery, haunting melodies and memorable lyrics combine to make “Venice” an adventurous, winning musical experience.


Posted on Jun 14th, 2013
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Jennifer Damiano’s next chapter has no fireworks

The shift from Jennifer Damiano’s last workplace to her new one is striking.

The old one was the biggest theater in Times Square, with 2,000 or so seats. The new one is downtown and has room for just 275. The old stage — the setting for the most expensive musical on Broadway — had pyrotechnics and aerial stunts. Her new stage has just a bare scaffolding and a chair.

“It’s such a shift but I’m happy for that,” Damiano said during a recent interview at The Public Theater. “It feels very different, very intimate, which is what I needed.”

Damiano is following up her role as Mary Jane Watson in “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” with a darker, less cartoonish young woman in “Venice,” a thrilling musical that debuts at the Public this month. It marks her return to the stage after taking time off after a five-year nonstop grind.

“This project just came up right at the perfect time. I had taken a little bit of time (off) and it just kind of happened,” she said. “I honestly wasn’t sure what the next thing would be at all, even if it would be theater. But I can’t stay away from the new musicals.”


“Venice,” which has been incubating for five years, is a collaboration between Eric Rosen and Matt Sax and can best be described as an “Othello”-inspired futuristic hip-hop musical. The story centers on an attempt by a dynamic new leader to reunite his war-fractured city of Venice, still reeling from a terrorist attack.

Damiano, who grew up in Westchester County, N.Y., plays the leader’s bride-to-be, Willow, who may or may not be lying about whom she really loves. The body count mounts as jealousy and ambition run rampant.

“It’s so new and so its own thing,” says Damiano, who celebrated her 22nd birthday last month during rehearsals. “It just felt like the perfect role for me at this age and this moment in my life.”

Rosen wrote the book, Sax composed the songs and stars as the rapping narrator, and the two combined forces on the lyrics. They pursued Damiano and got her to say yes on the third attempt.

“We knew the purity of her voice, and the simplicity of her acting style was such a huge dream for us,” said Rosen, who also directs. “It’s a totally different vibe for her and I think she’s really thriving in it. She grows more and more every day.”

Sax said two songs in the show have even been written with Damiano in mind and with her input. “She has such a soulful spirit when she sings. I think we’re really lucky that she’s part of the team and also lucky that she’s invested her heart in the show,” he said.


Damiano may be young but she’s a stage veteran. She made her Broadway debut as an understudy in 2006 in “Spring Awakening” at 15 — so young that she almost got into legal trouble.

She had been rehearsing for parts that included simulating onstage sex but the creative team found out that New York City law prohibits actors under 17 from such acts. So she took over another part. “Thank God they didn’t know this when they cast me,” she said.

Damiano’s next job was as an overachieving daughter in “Next to Normal,” for which she earned a Tony Award nomination. She went from that to Spider-Man’s love interest, riding that roller coaster until late 2011.

Despite all the bad press, the accidents and the internal fights, Damiano doesn’t regret being part of the show. She was never herself injured, and she made lifelong friends.

“There was a big, big heart in the building. There was a lot of love and cast camaraderie. It was always a challenge — the way every kind of new work is,” she said.

“When you’re 19 or 20 and going through general growing pains of your own, that on top of that is overwhelming, but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.”

In total, she had just done five years of solid work for a young woman who had left high school after just one year and missed her prom. She finished her high school course work with a tutor in Washington, D.C., where “Next to Normal” was being worked on before it landed on Broadway.

That summer, her mother insisted she skip the musical on graduation day and walk with her class. “I didn’t want to go and my mom made me call out of a show,” she said. “My life is just different. It’s some other beast.”


After “Spider-Man,” Damiano did some TV pilots and dabbled in film. She currently stars in the indie movie “B-Side” as a pop star who falls for a DJ played by Ryan Eggold. Damiano also took time to reconnect with her family and focus on her personal life after years of eight-show weeks.

She turned 22 on May 12 but made no fuss. “Twenty-two is just such a random age. It’s a little blah. I didn’t do much. It was so low-key. I even told my family, ‘Don’t get me anything, it’s fine,'” she said with a laugh. “I’m old now.”

These days, she is energized by working with young people on a musical she feels her generation will connect with. Plus, she gets to do it at the Public: “I get a summer camp kind of theater vibe,” she said with a laugh.

Rosen said that while Damiano can light up a room with her smile, she also radiates depth. “She brings a kind of darkness that I really wanted for Willow — not just ingenue, not just pretty-girl-saves-the-day but someone with a lot of gravitas.”

There’s another benefit of starring downtown in a cool new show: her friends can see her. That wasn’t an option when she was on Broadway and tickets were more than $150.

Now to see her it only costs $15.

“Fifteen bucks!” she said. “My friends say, ‘What? I’ll be there every day.'”


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